Energy system/security impacts

COMBI: Avoidable: More than 250 TWh electricity generation and 10 bn€ investments in combustion plants.

COMBI quantifications are annual impacts in the year 2030, that result from energy efficiency actions throughout Europe leading to energy savings of about 8% relative to a reference scenario.

For analysing efficiency impacts on the energy system and energy security, the dedicated COMBI energy balance model was developed and applied. A number of relevant indicators were quantified:

  • Energy intensity is reduced up to 22 kgoe/1000€ GDP
  • The COMBI HHI index measuring energy security through import dependency, diversification of energy sources and geographical diversification improves by up to 5%
  • Avoided generation of power from combustibles-based power plants amounts to 257 TWh in the EU and
  • avoided investments to these power plants to around 10bn €.

De-rated reserve capacity rate (defined as the reserve capacity of the power sector, divided by its total installed capacity, multiplied by 100) improves in almost all EU countries.

More details and full quantification report