Impact overview

Within the COMBI modelling/quantification work, more than 35 individual impacts are quantified, following individual cause-effect chains from energy efficiency improvement (EEI) actions to the impacts. They cover the categories outdoor air pollution/health, building conditions/health and productivity, resource impacts, macroeconomic impacts and energy system/security. Some of the 35+ individual impacts are quantified in the same physical units (e.g. health impacts, resources) and can thus be pre-aggregated to give a simplified overview.

Pre-aggregated COMBI impacts

#Impact (pre-aggr.)Unit (physical)No. of sub-impacts
1human healthDALY3-4
2eco-systems: acidification, eutrophication, ozone exposure% change in area affected3
3eco-systems: crop loss% change in area affected, t of crop loss1
4air pollution emissions (mid-points)tnr. of pollutants
5avoided GHG emissionst CO2eq2
6material footprint/resource impactst4
7energy cost savings/available income effect1
8productivitywork days lost3
9gross employment/GDP (temporary)job years1
10public budget (temporary)% of budget or GDP1
11energy securityimport expenses as share of GDP1
12energy system: Value of lost load% €1

Full list of disaggregated impact end-points

Please visit the online tool page for the full list of impacts.

Quantification report (D2.7) including an overview on quantification methodologies and results.