Final Conference

Final COMBI conference, 17 May 2018, Brussels

Opening & Introduction
Contributions Presentation


Introduction, meeting overview

Vincent Berruto (Head of energy unit, EASME)

Moderation: Stefan Thomas (WI)

Multiple Benefits in the international energy policy discourse Kathleen Gaffney (IEA) PDF (0.5MB)
The value and state of the art in Multiple Benefits quantification in EU policy making Paul Hodson (Head of energy efficiency unit, DG ENER)

COMBI quantifications

PDF (11MB)
Project overview Johannes Thema (COMBI coordinator, WI)
COMBI input data: energy efficiency actions & scenarios Johan Couder (UA)
Air pollution, human health and ecosystem impacts Stefan Bouzarovski (UM)
Material resource impacts Jens Teubler (WI)
Building- and energy poverty-related health Stefan Bouzarovski (UM
Building conditions, health and labour productivity Souran Chatterjee (ABUD)
Macro-economic impacts Martin Bo Hansen (CE)
Energy system and security impacts Johan Couder (UA)
Q&A Stefan Thomas (WI)
Launch of COMBI online tool
Aggregation issues, tool architecture and public launch and presentation of the online tool Johannes Thema (WI) online tool

Coffee break (at venue)

More multiple impacts evidence

Ex-post assessment of multiple impacts from existing energy efficiency policies – results from the project ODYSSEE-MURE Barbara Schlomann (Fraunhofer ISI) PDF (0.8MB)
M-BENEFITS project: A tool for assessing multiple benefits in the industry sector Catherine Cooremans (University Lausanne), Barbara Schlomann (Fraunhofer ISI) PDF (0.8MB)
Impacts from outdoor and indoor air pollution Ian Hamilton (UCL Energy Institute) PDF (3MB)
Outlook: The future of Multiple impacts in European policy evaluation (panel) Kathleen Gaffney (IEA)

Serena Pontoglio (DG ENER)

Stefan Thomas (WI)

Barbara Schlomann (Fraunhofer ISI)

Moderation: Stefan Bouzarovski (University of Manchester)