COMBI online tool & final conference documentation

The new COMBI online tool has been launched during the final COMBI conference on 17 May 2018 and is now accessible via the COMBI website menu. The tool contains all major project quantifications of Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency and links to the relevant project reports on methodologies.

Vincent Berruto, head of the EASME energy unit introduced the project to the audience. Kathleen Gaffney from the IEA gave latest developments and news on Multiple Impact quantification with international examples. Paul Hodson, head of the energy efficiency unit in DG ENER explained how the discourse on Multiple Impacts is increasingly important in negotiations on current energy efficiency legislation between the EU Parliamant, the Commission and the Council.

The COMBI team presented research findings and the online tool programmed within the project for giving public access to all quantifications.

External speakers presented on other ongoing efforts in Europe to quantify multiple impacts: the ODYSSEE-MURE multiple benefits facility, quantifying numerous impacts of EE policies, looking backwards and against a reference scenario without EE policies; the M-BENEFITS project that will analyse multiple benefits in the industry sector and develop tools how to integrate them into business decision-making frameworks that make EE investments more attractive relative to alternatives; and efforts at UCL to better quantify the complex interdependencies of health impacts from building refurbishment.

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