Project structure

The COMBI project is structured into 9 work packages (WPs)

COMBI Work Packages

WPTitleDescriptionWP lead partner
1Coordination and ManagementWuppertal Institute
2Basic data, methodology, synthesisUniversity of Antwerp, ABUD
3Air PollutionUniversity of Manchester
4ResourcesWuppertal Institute
5Social WelfareUniversity of Manchester
6Macro EconomyCopenhagen Economics
7Energy system and energy securityUniversity of Antwerp
8Policy recommendations and analysisWuppertal Institute
9Communication and disseminationABUD, Wuppertal Institute

Regarding the quantification and monetisation of multiple impacts (within WP 2-7), the project follows three main steps/tasks:

  1. Analysing the current research state
  2. Developing a quantification and monetization methodology
  3. Quantification/monetization modelling work

The project results will be made available via an online tool on this website (Task 9.2), analysed for deriving policy recommendations (WP8). In addition, and the project is accompanied by communication/dissemination activities (WP9). Project coordination and management is done within WP1.

Project structure overview


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