COMBI Newsletter #3
Welcome to COMBI newsletter #3
COMBI will soon deliver results on Multiple Impact quantification in Europe
News from the COMBI project – we now enter the final impact quantification phase, the development of the online tool has started and we expect to publish results in Autumn. This newsletter presents an update of the project advances, other news from the Multiple Impacts field and recent events and publications from the project. Enjoy!
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COMBI scenarios
COMBI efficiency potential vs. EED impact assessment
COMBI will provide estimates of the major multiple impacts of the energy efficiency potential that goes beyond an existing policies scenario in the year 2030. Impacts will be quantified by EU member state and by single energy efficiency improvement (EEI) action. Therefore, detailed input data on energy savings and investment costs are necessary: COMBI uses detailed stock models.
The COMBI efficiency scenario approximates the "EUCO+33" scenario of the EU-Commission's EED Impact Assessment.
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MI shortlist
Impacts quantified by COMBI
COMBI quantifies detailed multiple impacts following energy efficiency improvement (EEI) actions. More than 35 impacts from different cause-impact chains are quantified that can be aggregated to 12 impact categories.
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Recent publications
Two COMBI contributions were presented at the ECEEE summer study 2017:
News from the Multiple Impacts field
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New report: Multiple Benefits of energy renovations of the Swedish building stock
The COMBI partner Copenhagen Economics has recently published a study conducted for the Swedish Energy Agency and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. Background: The Swedish government is…
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G20 I toolkit
G20 EE Investment toolkit highlights multiple benefits
The G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit is a collaborative work of 15 participating country members of the G20’s Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group, co-chaired and coordinated by France and Mexico.…
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New European Energy Poverty Observatory announced
The European Commission will establish the "European Energy Poverty Observatory" through a consortium led by University of Manchester and involving Ecofys, European Policy Centre, Intrasoft International, National Energy Action and…
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COMBI lecture at Jadavpur University
COMBI-researcher Souran Chatterjee (partner CEU/ABUD) gave a lecture on Productivity impact from multiple impact perspective Full economic assessment is required to understand the full potential of any energy policy. However,…
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