COMBI results overview & policy conclusions

The final COMBI policy report is now available online:

Multiple impacts in policy-making and evaluation

Abstract: The final COMBI policy report is an overview report on project findings and conclusions. It first explains the background of the discussion on multiple impacts and the motivations and approaches taken by the COMBI project. A significant part displays briefly the main findings in impact quantifications. In a separate chapter, the aggregation of impacts is shown and cost-benefit indicators and results explained. Finally, reasearchers draw conclusions – on the possible size and significance of multiple impacts and for policy-making. Additionally, detailed impact-specific conclusions and recommendations are included.


Authors: Johannes Thema, Jana Rasch, Felix Suerkemper, Stefan Thomas (Wuppertal Institute)

With contributions from:

Johan Couder (University of Antwerp)
Souran Chatterjee (ABUD)
Jens Teubler (Wuppertal Institute)
Martin Bo Hansen and Sabine Wilke (Copenhagen Economics)
Nora Mzavanadze and Stefan Bouzarovski (University of Manchester)