Labour productivity from building refurbishment and transport

COMBI: Shifting from non-refurbished to refurbished buildings can mean 4.5 additional annual work-days.

COMBI quantifications are annual impacts in the year 2030, that result from energy efficiency actions throughout Europe leading to energy savings of about 8% relative to a reference scenario.

Human productivity following improved health conditions from building refurbishment and transport modal shift are estimated: Several new metrics such as active days, workforce performance and earning ability are proposed to rigorously measure productivity impact of EEI. Accelerated EEI actions between 2015 and 2030 would bring these additional benefits in the year 2030:

  • in Europe, on an average 4.5 active work days/person per annum can be gained by having more deeply retrofitted buildings, passive houses, and nearly zero energy buildings.
  • In addition, by improving the mental well-being on an average European country can gain around 15.7 million euro/year and on an average 1961 healthy life years per million population per annum can be gained by avoiding exposure to bad indoor air quality and conditions.

By opting for modal shift towards active transportation, on an average 1.6 hours/driver can be saved from traffic congestion in a year.

More details (full report forthcoming)