G20 EE Investment toolkit highlights multiple benefits

The G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit is a collaborative work of 15 participating country members of the G20’s Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group, co-chaired and coordinated by France and Mexico.

It offers a new perspective on the challenge of scaling-up energy efficiency investments by defining and separating “core” energy efficiency investments (those stand- alone projects where the delivery of energy savings is the lead driver) and “integral” energy efficiency investments (where overall asset performance is the lead driver, yet multiple benefits -including improved energy performance- are delivered by an incremental “embedded” investment). The Toolkit also provides insights into national policy developments, showcasing good practices, as well as an insight into policy tracking databases, using the Voluntary Energy Efficiency Investment Principles as a frame for their comparison. Finally, the Toolkit reveals how public and private sector financial institutions are tackling the energy efficiency investment challenge, through their commitments, approaches, tools and by sharing the areas that they identify for further joint development.

The document highlights the importance of accounting for multiple impacts on national and investor scale.

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